Ce să vă zic, mă, bine ați venit? bine ați venit, rău ați nimerit. La locu’ ăsta îi zice șerpărie, de la șerpii care umblă pe-aicea. Dracu’ știe cum au ajuns…

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@kittykittycatboys Friendica is more like Facebook FWIW, indeed, but it pretty much wants to have all the tools required for a long-form posting social network 😁

You can format your posts, you can add a title to them if you want, supports various media inline etc.

@helenslunch I am not tagging you, it is automatically tagging you, sorry.

What you want and reality are unfortunately not the same thing.

Wish they were…

@helenslunch Heh, I beg to differ about removing, I’d sure want it removed from time to time, don’t know what they’re thinking.

Just that when I originally signed up for these services, I did it not with the intent of feeding data to a piece of software that would fundamentally influence our decisions.

But hey, tech companies gotta tech company…

@alyaza Freaking hell, is there any more mainstream social media platform left that does not and does not plan to sell your data to an AI already?!? *sigh*

@alyaza @kittykittycatboys Friendica, to some degree. It’s pretty flexible, and you can have something like a basic blog. You do depend on the server admin to install the themes that you need, if they’re not present. Once they’re installed, you can switch between them at will.

There is even a Tumblr add-on if there’s anyone you need to follow there.

@empireOfLove2@lemmy.dbzer0.com wrote:

the Monday morning all-hands meeting

It’s okay, we can wait for your hands to finish their meeting.


The power struggle behind the scenes in the Romanian Orthodox Church: Teodosie aims for Metropolitan status to boost his Patriarchal aspirations

@skullgiver For Apple, the US I think is their main market. Here is still that thing that you need to be rich enough to afford, so this is why iMessage is not such a great thing.

I think that by staying below the EU radar they get to keep their walls for the US users, where regulations are more lax and don’t pose any risk for their business model.


@Bitrot Kinda like that. Most friends of mine don’t even own an iPhone. Those who do, generally use Facebook Messenger to speak to each other. If anyone is not on Facebook, they are surely on WhatsApp, or they can be reached via the classical phone calls and SMS messages (but I’ve yet to meet someone who I need to use these with, as they are clearly inconvenient as hell). If there’s a group chat, it is generally on WhatsApp.

I heard Telegram is popular as well in the post-soviet space. It is my fallback as well, and I’m not in one. Plenty of Romanian channels (news or organizations), and I speak with a couple of friends from there. I realize this is just “a different WhatsApp” from the POV of a centralized silo, but the features are great and I’d clearly trust Telegram more than Meta.

@Powderhorn I didn’t get podcasts either at first. But they’re basically just an equivalent to radio shows, only that you’re listening to them recorded already and you can pick which one(s) to hear and in what order.


@Gaywallet I only date myself, haha.

I am 28, soon to be 29, and I’ve been single for almost 5 years if I’m not mistaken. I’ve gone to Tinder, Bumble, Alovoa (despite no hot singles in my area there, haha) and I just grew disappointed. Every time something happened with a girl, we would just hang out for a drink, then went home and never spoke ever again. Either she didn’t like me, or (in a couple of cases) I didn’t like her.

And it’s not just the physical aspect that I am interested about somebody (although it does play a significant role). It’s also about how well we click. About the way we think about things, about what our passions are, our interests etc. If those don’t match, then nothing can come out.

I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years before. She looked great, but I saw we saw things quite differently. She was quite pushing for a long term thing, while I just wanted to take things more slowly. Also, she was a bit possessive as well, and didn’t quite like that I was hanging out without her - despite the situation didn’t even allow her to be there.

Then at a previous job that I had, I met someone that fulfilled all the criteria. I didn’t do anything with her outside of work, besides hanging out a few times and talking on WhatsApp, then on FB, but I realized I was spending better times with her than with my ex from then. I tried changing the situation, that didn’t work, so we decided to part ways. I’m still in touch with that former colleague, but I was too stupid to try something out with her in time (there were also various circumstances, but still), so she found someone else, and now they moved together since a few months ago.

Most of my dating experience as of late was after that moment, but I never found such a person again. I just wish I had a time machine, so I could go and tell myself to act at that moment.

My advice (and answers to your questions):

  1. You just know. You just feel that the person is the right person. Interact with that person some time and see what you feel about them. It’s okay not to be attracted by someone. I’ve met countless persons that I just had opinions that they just appeared not okay to me at all. I personally still crave a relationship, but at the same time I’m aware that not having similar visions about the world is not going to cut it long term. So I just lose my attraction in them altogether.
  2. If she’s a person that I don’t know that well, I generally go to a place where I have the opportunity to meet her better (generally a park or somewhere where we can drink something). If I already know what she likes, I pick a fun activity. But yea, as I am disappointed in dating, I am out of specific ideas.
  3. I learnt to figure it out even from the first date. But 2-3 dates would generally be fine as well. Then, again, I am also quite a friendly person, so I might keep in touch even after if the person is okay enough. It’s complicated anyway, it’s not about time, more about how I feel, as I said above.
  4. I had the biggest success in real life. I met my first gf at a concert, as she was the friend of the gf of a good friend of mine. The second I met in a pub, brought by a friend of a friend from the group we hung out with. Then, the third (which was the one I spent 3 years with), was talking about some classes on the hallway of my college, and the fact that she needed a course. So I just jumped into the conversation and said I could help. My former colleague that I wrote about earlier just looked great, and I just joined the conversation with her. It was her first day of work (or something like that, I remember it was in the first week of training) and she told me she just broke up with someone the other day. So I thought about being a bit flirty with her. I also found out we were studying similar stuff on college and that she also knew Russian and was into politics and had similar views. And as we were still talking, I ended up actually liking her. On dating apps, I did not have the same success (as said earlier). But I tried them because I had nothing to lose in real life. Nowadays, I’m just no longer really using them that much. I feel they’re a waste of time and that you just can’t have genuine feelings on these. You cannot comfortably attach to someone there and not be dumped, either by ghosting or by being unmatched altogether - albeit this can also happen in real life in a way or another, so they can also be a good lesson.
  5. and 6. - I wrote about these earlier.

Sorry for the long post. Hope you’ll be more lucky in finding your half than me 😁

@Swedneck I live in a communist era neighborhood myself, so I know how it is to live there. It’s generally great, but the execution of the buildings was rather poor (mine included). Some say it was for the better surveillance of the inhabitants, others say it was just rushed building. Whatever is the case, it’s still not pleasant knowing that you risk being heard by all the neighbors when you do the most normal noise.

And I like Russian blocks as well, provided they are those Hruschocskas (or Plattenbeau?) that are 5 storey high or less. We have some as well. The areas they’re in is generally really green with tall trees, so it’s really pleasant.

We generally use the term “commie block” to describe buildings during that area, but I included buildings raised after the '90s as well because the developers try to eschew regulations when building, so their quality is even poorer sometimes. That’s not to mean that all buildings during these times have thin walls or floors either tho.

It’s great to hear that the buildings where you live were raised with more attention to details like these though. Probably if I’d visit/live in one a bit I’d change my opinion about our buildings from that time as well. 😁

@Swedneck that’s great. Here in Romania most apartments have this issue, especially those built in communism and after.

To each their own. I do hear all sorts of sounds coming from my neighbors in my apartment. From moaning to phone alarm vibrating, sounds of various objects hitting each other, even arguing sometimes.

Not to mention some people open their doors and windows when cooking, allegedly for the draft to get in and get the smell out of the kitchen (don’t know why they do this, just open your damn window and that’s it). And when the air goes the opposite way, the hallway of the building is a mix of various smells of whatever they cook.

Oh, by the way, did I mention I need to take the elevator to reliably reach my apartment?


Lemmy Explorer’s community search

That is a good way indeed, although I’m yet to find a way to filter after new or active communities.

I like the fact that I can filter the instances that I don’t like or that my server has blocked, so I can see actual relevant content for me. 😁


@drwho yep, that is correct. I also have feeds in all my readers that are displayed completely, while others are just back links to the article in question.


@awmire Friendica supports RSS if you’re into that. You might already know it is mostly a Facebook alternative (although it has many more features than Facebook). You can paste the website link into the search bar and it gets the RSS feed for you if it has one.

I do like RSS feed readers that have a magazine view though, so I couldn’t really move all my feeds here.


@Fizz yep, absolutely. Only with an analog camera you can catch the image exactly as it is. Others are just tweaked to be displayed as real as possible.


@BarrierWithAshes Just use Firefox. There’s plenty of stuff that can be achieved just through add-ons and switching various settings in about:config. Only thing that’s missing is an integrated free VPN, but I guess there are better alternatives anyway if you want more privacy online.


@dan They did try to bring back some stuff in the later years, like an integrated RSS feed reader. But Firefox is just way better than anything else overall. Including the fact that it comes from an organization that puts privacy further up in the list of priorities.


@JohnDumpling oh, I see. I thought only my city was not supported. OsmAnd does have on the ground transit routes though. And there’s also Transportr and Offi, but they do not support all the cities (and clearly not bike paths).

@0x815 oh, wow. Yea, their stories just seem unbelievable. And also the way some people crossed the border to reach the “free world” seems unbelievable. For example, a band managed to cross the border inside Marshall speakers. Others tried to cross the Danube into Yugoslavia (which was more liberal at the time) and got shot by the Romanian border patrols. It was pretty much hell on Earth.

each of these stories is a reason to avoid mass surveillance imo.

Absolutely. Every time I hear about governments snooping inside personal communication I think of how phones were tapped and letters were read for every known or possible dissidents back then. And when an extremist party seems to be on the verge of taking power (and we do have extremist parties as well in Romania) I just think that measures like these would be the first they would implement, along with reducing democratic rights.

@Fizz true. My PC came with 4 GB originally. It was a pain once I opened the browser or Discord (which I usually do). Upgraded to 12 and no longer have any issue, at least on the current distro.


@TheBaldness it’s an ActivityPub alternative to Facebook, kinda. Just like Lemmy is for Reddit or Mastodon is for Twitter.

You do have more privacy options, though, like, you can create a post and only allow visibility from a person or a group of people (let’s say people that follow you but you also follow back, lists of people etc.)

There are other alternatives using different protocols, such as Diaspora (where the ownership is different, as in, if you create a post, all the comments below it belong to you as well, I don’t know how this works), or Hubzilla which uses AP to communicate with other networks, but uses a protocol called Zot internally.

@underwire212 imagine that you can tune in on Spotify, YouTube or wherever you want and listen to whatever you want. Imagine that you can legally buy whatever newspaper from the local shop, or go to whatever internet website and legally read whatever news you might find there, whether it is a government website, a conspiracy website, a satirical website or whatever. Legally. That’s what democracy makes it special. This is what freedom is all about.

Here in Romania, during communism, if you were caught listening to Radio Free Europe, you would be prosecuted immediately. If you listened to AC/DC, Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin or other iconic Rock bands back in the day, you would be labeled as a potential risk for the society, possibly extremist, and followed 24/7 by the secret police. You could have a police record with this, all with this nonsense like what were you wearing, where were you going, what you were doing etc., and it would weigh down hard on your career. Your phones could be tapped, your mail could be tampered, especially if you sent it outside. The secret police was so well infiltrated in the society that anyone could report you. Anyone could be a collaborator, and you wouldn’t be aware of it. Imagine you throw a party, and you make some random jokes about the regime, or that you all listen to one of these bands. In your group of friends, it was enough for just one of them to be a collaborator. You can imagine that all of you might be fucked, the next day if you’re lucky enough, on the spot if not.

There were cases of spouses reporting to the secret police, parents, children, relatives of all sorts. Teachers could be collaborators as well. Priests were known to be collaborators of the secret police, as people would go to confess their sins, and then in turn, they would confess these sins of them to (you guessed it) the secret police. You just couldn’t trust anybody.

It’s just mind-boggling how the secret police (in Romania even aptly named Securitate meaning Security) could follow you for basically nothing. And probably the teens in the article in the OP were in a similar situation.


@TheBaldness I just have it because I’ve used it for so long and not everyone is on other platforms. Or if they are, they’re still Meta owned anyway. But since I’ve been on the Fediverse, I found myself using it less and less.


Romanian farmers, hauliers ramp up protests, block Ukraine border access

TIL you can use Conversations on Android as a Notification Push service for other apps
I just found this on the [@joinjabber](https://indieweb.social/users/joinjabber)'s [website](https://joinjabber.org/tutorials/service/unifiedpush/). It is using [UnifiedPush](https://unifiedpush.org/) to achieve this. All you have to do is go into settings in Conversations and enable UP for any XMPP account. It will use a service running at `up.conversations.im` by default, but you can use any service, including a self-hosted one if you have, instead. Another great use for XMPP, I guess, besides having a great messaging service.

These are the most liveable cities in Europe
I'm really proud of my city for reaching the top. Next year there will be a fresh round of elections. Fingers crossed for the current mayor to get another term. [economist.com/graphic-detail/2…](https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2023/07/25/these-are-the-most-liveable-cities-in-europe)

Mary Poppins actress Glynis Johns dies aged 100

Ex-Romanian Minister of Finance, Anca Dragu, proposed to be the new governor of Moldova’s National Bank

Romanian Presidential Administration Refuses to Disclose Costs of Iohannis’ Africa Tour, Citing Classified Information

Epic Games wins major court battle against Google

Donald Tusk elected as Polish prime minister

Teens Are Online ‘Almost Constantly,’ Usually on These Apps

(Romanian) Ex-PM Florin Cîțu heard at the DNA in the Vaccine Case: I Complied with the Legislation In Force

Three dead as first heavy snowfall and blizzards of winter hit eastern Europe

Finnish government reportedly planning to fully close border with Russia


Russian Airlines Invited to Launch Flights to North Korea – Reports

Anti-Mobilization Protests By Russian Soldiers’ Wives and Mothers Quashed

Romanian SMR Nuclear Plant Project with NuScale Technology Moves Forward Despite US Setback

President Iohannis Embarks on African Tour Amid Controversies of Secrecy on His Costly Flights

Romania seeking to postpone shutdown of lignite power plants

Polish opposition braces for coalition talks after ruling party loses majority

Greenpeace activists scale tower of Bulgarian coal-fired plant, demanding its closure

AUR wants referendums on family and cash payments
n.r.: AUR is the most popular far right party in Romania at the moment [romaniajournal.ro/politics/aur…](https://www.romaniajournal.ro/politics/aur-wants-referendums-on-family-and-cash-payments/)

The second time in three years Azerbaijani troops may have killed Russian peacekeepers, but Moscow is saving its ire for Armenia

Azerbaijan launches military action in Karabakh to disarm Armenians

[![](https://libranet.de/photo/10910120636505594ff2dc3092119260-1.jpg "")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/10910120636505594ff2dc3092119260)

The Romanian Foreign Ministry notified NATO over last drone pieces on its territory, summoned the Russian ambassador to Bucharest

Air-Raid Shelters installed in Plauru, where the Russian drones fell near the border with Ukraine

The World’s Most Repairable Phone Arrives in the U.S.
Sort of... [reviewgeek.com/158352/the-worl…](https://www.reviewgeek.com/158352/the-worlds-most-repairable-phone-arrives-in-the-u-s/)

Moldova shootout suspect dies in custody, airport security probed

Sorana Cîrstea Faces Criticism After Social Media Post

Damen will design and partially build in Romania the 4 new anti-submarine frigates for the Netherlands and Belgium

Two Security Personnel Killed After Man Opens Fire At Moldova’s Chisinau Airport

Russia threatens it will blow up the Galați-Giurgiulesti bridge

Romania indicts influencer Andrew Tate for human trafficking

‘No normal person would oppose the Afghan War’ Protesting the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan came at a heavy cost. In Russia today, history is repeating itself.
[\#ukrainewar](https://libranet.de/search?tag=ukrainewar) [#ukraine](https://libranet.de/search?tag=ukraine) [#russia](https://libranet.de/search?tag=russia) [#afghanistan](https://libranet.de/search?tag=afghanistan) [#sovietafghanwar](https://libranet.de/search?tag=sovietafghanwar) [#history](https://libranet.de/search?tag=history) [meduza.io/en/feature/2023/06/1…](https://meduza.io/en/feature/2023/06/16/no-normal-person-would-oppose-the-afghan-war)

Russian authorities investigating Yeltsin Center for possible ‘foreign agent activity’

St. Petersburg Economic Forum organizers to jam mobile internet during Putin’s speech

Bald and Bankrupt has gone crazy.
I had a great laugh watching this [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukk6RocFWnc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukk6RocFWnc)