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What do you want? Do you want to see more posts/comments?

Beehaw is, specifically, curated for those who want high quality rather than a dumpster fire of trolls and assholes.

So, quality vs quantity.

Yeah, critical thinking is an important skill to have. Sadly, there is a very low percentage of people (specifically, in the USA) that have it.

I’m approximating that around 98% of the news media, here in the USA, are biased and/or propaganda. The first year of my university education taught me how to separate fact from opinion. What if you don’t go to university? How do you learn critical thinking? I have a college friend that I’ve known for almost thirty years. He has a masters degree in finance and he is a certified public accountant. However, when it comes to USA politics, he has been completely brainwashed by the media. He is one of those MAGA nut-jobs.

Having second hand accounts of anything is, certainly, unreliable. I wish more people could have, at least, one experience that fell outside of what we know from science. Unbelievably, I’ve had several of these. I’d say about five that I cannot explain using the best of our scientific knowledge.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I did not intend for anyone to be uncomfortable.

…does this mean that saying “Joe Biden is acting like a fascist autocrat”, is ok, but applying it as a title, as in “Joe Biden the Fascist Autocrat” is not?

In my opinion, yes. However, this is something that I would want to discuss with the other administrators/moderators in order to reach a conclusion.

Name-calling is a form of argument in which insulting or demeaning labels are directed at an individual or group.

Labeling Joe Biden as a ‘fascist’ is name-calling. Whether or not he is, truly, a fascist is not what is being addressed here.

Beehaw is a space that strives to be(e) nice apart from the thousands of Internet spaces that could care less.

This has nothing to do with FOSS and, therefore, is being removed.

…staff here defend these people from criticism.

Show me where Beehaw staff have defended anyone from criticism.

The subject at hand is name-calling. It is not nice.

The subject that you keep reiterating is current events and politics.

Do you understand the difference?

I have had many years of formal training and education under the umbrella of science and the scientific method. This requires both skepticism and questioning.

When I say that I am open minded about subjects such as NDE, OBE and the like I mean that I’m using the aforementioned.

Obviously, science does not have the answers to everything. Science still questions everything while, at the same time, acknowledges that there is much more to know.

I have had several experiences, so far in life, that I cannot explain using what we know from science. For, at least, the past decade I’ve felt much more comfortable and inspired with more questions than I have answers.

Science and/or the scientific method is a tool. A tool that has been developed by humans. But that’s all that it is.

As with religion, I will not hold science up on a pedestal.

Name-calling is a form of argument in which insulting or demeaning labels are directed at an individual or group.

That’s what we, at Beehaw, don’t want. It is not nice.

This is a ‘soft warning’ about name-calling. Generally speaking, name-calling isn’t nice. Please, be(e) nice when using Beehaw. Thank you.

I read the article and I’m, fairly, open minded about subjects such as this (as well as OBE, NDE, Remote Viewing, etc).

What do you think/feel about this subject in particular?

You could reach out for help if you were running into problems. AskBeehaw would be an example for inquires. Also, there’s nothing preventing anyone from asking for technical support at Beehaw’s technology community which has the largest viewership on Beehaw.

…the versions that the filmmaker remastered in 2020 for a 4K Ultra HD re-release. This is the first time the remastered versions will be in theaters.

I believe most people in this thread are missing your point in which I agree.

This was posted here 19 hours ago. Removing this duplicate.

The [League of Pigs YT channel]( is so much fun!

Here in Maine we call them peepers and they are becoming very loud every night.

but whose ass?

Someone (or some group) who wanted control over people. All religious literature is rife with politics.

I’ve read everything else that you’ve stated, and I’m aware of these theories, but in the end I lean toward the simpler explanation above.

Just look at the world today. Same type of shit. Most billionaires make their fortunes off the backs of the populace. And they use all of the well-known tactics to do so. Coming up with stories (propaganda) to influence minds across the board.

However, when you take the effort to drill down into the subject matter at hand you’ll find a ‘small still voice’ which points at the ineffable.

The ineffable is what I embrace.

The hellfire and brimstone stuff really seems to come from somewhere else.

Out of someone’s ass is my guess.

Over the years we’ve collected our FAQ and our Hall of Fame. Many examples in those.

Are you a Christian?

My parents tried to raise me to become one, but that failed. No, I am not a Christian.

What got you started on this kind of biblical study(?)

Many years of spiritual abuse and indoctrination.

It’s not necessarily something that I ‘love explaining to others’. However, academic biblical scholarship has been an interest and endeavor of mine for about thirty years. Luckily and thankfully, I’ve found my self in the center of this unique niche of interested parties with /r/AcademicBiblical and /r/AskBibleScholars.

Think about this for a moment. The biblical texts have had the most influence on western society, and arguably all other societies, for hundreds of years.

Wouldn’t you want to know what these texts are saying?

They aren’t saying what you think they are saying.

If you’ve had no experience with these texts, then you have many years of reading ahead of you.

It is incredibly daunting to know how little most people do not know about this subject. And, at the same time, shape our world based on misinterpretations and/or misunderstandings of this vast library of literature.

Seek help.

This isn’t nice to say to someone. Please, remember to be(e) nice when using Beehaw. Also, consider this a warning.

All of that needed to be said. Thank you.

Unified chat app…combines almost all chat networks into one.

Some self-hosters have been able to get iMessage working.

I’ve been using a Discord bridge with Beeper for three years with no problems.

I’ve been using Beeper with a Discord bridge for three years now. No problems.

This was already addressed by another admin. However, I want it to be perfectly clear that users are expected to be(e) nice when using Beehaw. Thus, you can have a week vacation to think about that.

That’s interesting and I’ve never heard of the focus feature (I don’t use my phone very much). Where do I find the focus feature?

I am so happy to be here at Beehaw
First of all, I am speaking to all of you in a **non-official capacity**. Hence, why you are finding it in the chat community. Secondly, I am very grateful and humbled to be in the position of a Beehaw administrator. The other four Beehaw administrators are a joy to work with, each with their own superpowers that they bring to the table. Approximately 13 years ago, I kept waking up every morning feeling overwhelmed with thankfulness. That may sound strange and I never expected to have this sort of problem. Weeks and months of this feeling, with no relief in sight, I came to the end of my rope. I cried out to the universe: “What am I supposed to be doing?!?!?!”. The answer came moments later in a telepathic whisper inside my mind: “Bless others as I bless you”. To some, this may sound like I am schizophrenic. I assure you that I am **not**. I started by simply being as generous and kind as possible with everyone around me. And now, I am continuing with this trend by blending it with my professional background. Namely, information technology. More specifically, beta testing (e.g. Orkut, Gmail, Imzy, Tildes to name a few), web development, social media and the like. I am honored to be in the position that I am. I am, **incredibly**, fortunate. Beehaw’s ’Northern Star’ (e.g. guiding principle) is to ***be(e) nice***. I hope that all of you find it in your selves to carry this torch through the rest of your lives.

A friend of mine is having trouble finding prospective relationships in a rural area of America
I have a young gay friend who is at their wits end trying to find others in their community. They are, understandably, reluctant to use the Internet for this purpose. We live in a very rural and conservative part of America. If you have any practical guidance for them then, please let me know. I will be very happy to pass it along to them. Thank you.

One of the best surprise endings to this show I've seen so far. Fucking brilliant!

Would the Beehaw community be interested in some pay-it-forward action?
Currently, we have [$6,500.91 in our hopper]( It just seems weird having all of those, mostly, unused funds sitting there doing nothing. I just wanted to start the conversation about the possibility of paying-it-forward in some capacity. For example, a certain percentage of monthly contributions could go to a charity. What are your thoughts?

Thinking about the direction of Beehaw
Over the years I’ve been trying to encapsulate, as simply as possible, what Beehaw interactions would look like ideally. I kept coming back to all of my personal memories having holiday meals (Thanksgiving and Christmas for example) with very close family and friends. Thinking back through decades of these meetings, I cannot remember anything but everyone being kind and charitable in action as well as speech. Many pages of very thoughtful and reasonable philosophic explanations have been written, on our sidebar, about the behavioral expectations of Beehaw. Let’s go back to the holiday meals for a moment and imagine having an **open** invitation for **anyone** to join. What do you think the outcomes would be? This is the problem that our endeavor is experiencing. The open nature of ActivityPub (allowing anyone to join our table) is defeating our purpose. The administrators, moderators and community members have been thinking about this for several months. I, personally, believe that we all will come to a comfortable consensus moving forward.