sophs [she/her]

Trans girl, linux user, and open source enjoyer.

I absolutely LOVE music, specially alternative rock, post-hardcore, blackgaze, gothic metal, etc.

My discord is emps.uwu, I’m happy to chat with anyone :)

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Based judge? Finally some good news about this whole thing.

I’ve read somewhere that English teachers and grammarians agree that “I couldn’t care less” is the correct one, and it makes more sense to me too.

Although, I can see how “I could care less” could mean that: you care so little that if you wanted you could care even less, but you don’t care enough to do that.

Linux is far from perfect and is not ready to replace Windows for regular users. Being a mainly Linux user for a bit more than 3 years I still feel frustrated at times.

I agree 100%. Subscription services have ruined plenty of good software, among other things. I don’t know how people can stand the feeling of not owning anything, just basically renting them and being at the mercy of the corporation that owns them.

Why tho 😢 I press tab and my editor turns them into spaces, because I feel better with spaces.

I don’t know how I managed to take so long LMAO

Ha! That’s very interesting, and nostalgic to see that UI again.

I’ve been incredibly bored! I’m 5 or 6 episodes from finishing The Sopranos but can’t bring myself to watch it 😎 I will later today though

I learned using Rustlings and The Book. Also a few youtube videos on specific topics I wanted to learn about.

Oh how I love Technology Connections. He makes the perfect kind of content for me.