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You can also check out https://github.com/hnhx/librex I’ve used one of the listed sites several times and it’s been acceptable.

If a website doesn’t want me to see their shit, then I guess i won’t see their shit. I already have some sites that don’t work because of my aggressive use of lists on my pihole, in addition to the usual browser plugins. If a site doesn’t work now, I just move on. I don’t give a shit about any site enough to put up with this type of bullshit.

Yeah, that’s what I said. I just don’t know how hard it is to recompile or whatever and use it. I guess that’s a learning path I’ll have to go down. Probably not hard, I know basic programming.

It depends on the instance you signed up with. Mine, and it looks like yours, doesn’t have downvotes. It’s the host’s decision. Annoying at times like this, huh?

I like this! Thanks for posting. I don’t know anything about compiling an add-on, but it looks like it would be super easy to update the list (add twitter or reddit as things to block any mention of). So I guess my question is, how easy is it to just edit https://github.com/aCosmicWave/blocktherich/blob/main/blocktherich.js to update the add-on?

The common man, no matter how sharp and tough, actually enjoys having the wool pulled over his eyes, and makes it easier for the puller. – P. T. Barnum

Not to mention how easy it is to yt-dlp a playlist and have it for offline. It blows my mind what people are willing (or really able) to waste money on.

If a 6 year old PC that cost as much as an Apple 6 years ago can’t run Windows, you got ripped off.

It would be so great if all these big “social media” companies just went out of business.

Not to mention fantastic spending on college/university (GI Bill) to both slow the impact of returning military on the job market and to create a highly educated work force. Also, incredible help for people to become homeowners, creating generational wealth (GI Bill again), unless you were black.

People act like high taxes on the wealthy would be a problem, when in reality what happened is the wealthy poured more of the excess wealth into their businesses, which benefitted everyone. It’s so annoying that we freaking know what works and what doesn’t (trickle-down), yet still argue about their efficacy.

Well I don’t, so I strongly support anti-trust legislation and much higher taxes on the wealthy, on wealth, to prevent stagnation.

As long as I can put a custom ROM on it, I don’t really care about support.

Oh god, I tire of you. Either trolling or just really dense. I’m going to block you and move on. I suggest you do the same. Jesus christ.

I think it’s hilarious when anyone gets outraged about privacy when they are using a Meta app. The ignorance just makes me laugh.

I’ve wanted to believe in breakthrough battery technology so many times and been let down. I’ll wait until it hits the market before getting excited. Even this article is pretty vapor-ish:

The world’s second largest carmaker was already pursuing a plan to roll out cars with advanced solid-state batteries, which offer benefits compared with liquid-based batteries, by 2025.

Then a little further down:

The company expects to be able to manufacture solid-state batteries for use in electric vehicles as soon as 2027

I’m waiting for the,“By 2030 we’ll definitely be able to use these batteries in our 2035 models. You’ll see this in 2040 and the sky will open up with sunshine and birds will sing.”

Not sure if you’ve seen the add-on dearrow. It rewrites those annoying click-bait titles and changes thumbnails so the experience isn’t so Idiocracy.

Nice to group the US, working with police in foreign countries to help protect endangered animals and helping US citizens, with China, working inside foreign countries to make sure Chinese citizens aren’t disloyal to China. Feel free to bitch about US shitty behavior in foreign countries, lord knows they have left a trail of blood behind themselves, but this particular article isn’t it and the parallels aren’t there.

Damn, you aren’t kidding. Also, people, just a little advice from an old man, if you feel the need to stalk/spy on your SO, just understand the relationship is already over and move one without doing this kind of shit.

This is good. I used to think that, here in the US, the 1st amendment was a wonderful thing. Watching the anti-science and magat growth based on straight up lies has made me question that belief. As hawkwind says, it’s important to know who is deciding if something is fake, but so often if it gets to that point it’s like we’re missing out on fucking common fucking sense. If someone can’t tell that an election wasn’t stolen, or that a person isn’t a criminal when they admit to crimes, well…fuck 'em.

I remember years ago a bunch of people were bitching about the cost when some family that got rescued in the middle of the ocean. The coast guard response to the money complaints was,“Look, if we weren’t rescuing them, we would be running drills to prepare to rescue them at the same cost.”

I like btop better just on an aesthetic level. But they all show the same shit as far as I can tell.

I can remember a couple decades ago I was talking to my grandmother and she said that for the most part people trusted the gov’t. Until my dad’s friends started coming back from Vietnam and spitting truth. I hope enough Russians go back and spread the word, but I worry that not enough will be alive to even go back.

It’s freaking amazing, and terrifying, how quickly the right wing wackos have been able to demonize a group that almost nobody has even thought about in forever. It’s like a case study in finding some marginalized group to vent rage on/about.