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So… I’m having a problem between my apartment’s building manager/strata and removalist that helped me move in. Building manager says removalist did some damage (has CCTV footage of removalist doing something to the entrance door) and is charging me for the damage. I wanted to get it charged to the removalist but (of course) removalist is denying that whatever they did would cause any damage and refusing to claim their insurance for the invoice. Does anyone know who I can bring the issue to and what actions I should take?

Let’s do it! I’m not a creative person so it would be better for someone else to come up with fun titles haha.

As far as timing goes, I reckon Monday morning is good? Start the week with a new thread.

I’d prefer a weekly thread rather than daily. Keeping it up for longer would encourage more replies (I hope) from people who don’t check Lemmy every day

I had a bad experience trying to buy on gumtree years ago and avoided it since. But I’ll take another look and hopefully be luckier haha

Currently at least a couple bed frames+ mattresses, a sofa, dining table + chairs, and possibly a wardrobe

Where do people buy their furniture that’s not Ikea? My partner and I are fortunate enough to finally be able to purchase a home, and we’re now thinking about how much we want to budget for furniture, but we realised that we don’t even know where to buy them from.

PayPal came through! Just got a notification that refund was initiated this morning, now waiting for it to go through to my CC. PayPal resolved that way quicker than I expected.

I did buy using credit card as well. I thought if PayPal’s customer protection doesn’t work then I’ll go through my credit card’s chargeback. Not sure if that’s gonna take too long for the chargeback though. Never really done that before.

(Sorry in advance for the rant)

It was my stupidity that got me here but they pissed me off today so I just want to rant a bit… weeklysales.com.au is a scam website. I bought AirPods Pro from them when it was posted on ozbargain, even though the poster ended up updating the post with a warning because they found reviews saying it’s fake. I had been wanting one so I bought it anyway. That’s on me.

Long story short, their support was initially responsive until they agreed to send me a replacement AirPods because mine had issues. Then they just stopped responding. I got confirmation that these are fakes in the meantime. I finally made a claim via PayPal because they won’t respond to my emails, and it was only after I escalated through PayPal that they reached out to me (6 weeks after their last response). Some more back and forth, they finally agreed to refund me if I return the item. I sent it via AusPost earlier today and now they’re texting me that they’ll instantly approve my refund if I delete my negative review. Mine is the only 1star review in productreview so I refuse to delete it. Not sure what’s gonna happen to my refund (hopefully PayPal’s customer protection comes through), but it’s a shitty company selling fake products and denying it, then pressuring users to remove negative reviews. They said something like “we need you to return the item so we can investigate how we got fake AirPods”.

I usually have blocks in the afternoons. Mostly because my coworkers are US based and the only overlap we have for meetings are our mornings. But that also means they squeeze in as many meetings in the mornings as possible. I get exhausted after 3-4 hours of meetings though and the rest of the day feels less productive.

Back to back meetings from 7-10:30 am and then another one at lunch time. People in management or other roles who have 6+ hours of meetings a day, how do you do it?

Edit: on a happier note, my milk frother seems to have magically fixed itself…

Was too late for my first meeting but managed to grab coffee between that and my second meeting. Much needed!

Can’t read tone through text but when I saw your comment my thought was “you sound way too happy so early in the morning” haha. Good morning!

I’m not a morning person and 7am meetings suck!

Morning! Does anyone have a favorite local bakery?

Unfortunately not my meeting and too many managers too happy talking haha. Luckily it was done before lunch and the rest of my day wasn’t bad.

A 1 hour meeting in my calendar this morning is turning into 2.5+ hours. Not a great start of the day.

I noticed that many places like omnidesk, updown, zen have ‘sales’ on at the moment.

I feel like they’re those stores that just have a perpetual sales on. Ikea might be a better choice cos at least I can go in and see it in person. The others don’t have a showroom in Sydney so I can’t really test/view it before purchasing. Thanks!

Budget wise I’m ok going for pricey as I need it for work. Fully WFH these days so a good desk is worth it. I need a desk that fits 2 27-32 inch monitors + peripherals. Currently our rental is spacious so I can fit in a large desk, although we’re looking to buy property in the next year or two so it might be an issue then.

Thank you! Yeah I wasn’t paying much attention to the materials when I purchased mine. I bought it because of the pandemic and had to start working from home so I just focused on size to fit external monitors.

Wasn’t a standing desk, just something like this: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/lagkapten-alex-desk-black-brown-white-s39432164/#content

Lasted maybe 3 years, so I don’t know if Ikea’s standing desks are better.

I need a new desk since my ikea one is starting to warp. Where can I buy a good, large standing desk?

No I don’t have any so it was really weird. He just said for young adults that have 3 shots, he wouldn’t recommend a 4th unless you’re high risk. I’m definitely not going back to that pharmacy, will look for a booster elsewhere

I tried getting both together at a pharmacy, but the pharmacist said that since I’ve already got my 3rd dose/booster he wouldn’t recommend another one, risk/reward isn’t good enough. Maybe I could have insisted on it anyway but I was taken aback by it and didn’t push back. Only got the flu vax. Maybe I should book for COVID elsewhere.

Huh, weird! It isn’t… I see in the modlog that I did it yesterday. Not sure if anyone un-appointed it as a mod but it’s not in the modlog. Let’s try again and see if it works.

Hmm looks like the auto pinning/unpinning to community didn’t work.

Done! sydbot is now a mod.

If you could keep it going, please go ahead, it’s highly appreciate it. But if you run into any issues feel free to reach out and I’ll do what I can to help. I’m also on Matrix/Discord if it’s easier to chat there

I’m interested in watching both, but probably not back to back. And my partner is more interested in Oppenheimer so we’re doing that one first.

Yeah maybe I’ll have time this evening or over the weekend.

I’ll try to see if I can get it fixed. Don’t know if they have any online/phone support but I want to try to not buy new items for things that are fixable.

My milk frother isn’t working properly. It doesn’t get as hot and produces too much froth even though I haven’t changed any settings. Joining an 8am meeting without good coffee is terrible.

Thanks, I’m craving sausage rolls now. That is a great blog!

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/1232260 > Rentals in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and ACT dropped below 18C more than 80% of the time, report finds

I tried my local library today but there’s an older guy who was on the phone the entire time haha. I thought libraries are supposed to be quiet… not a big deal cos I can wear headphones, just unexpected. It was also more crowded than expected. I’ll try different libraries next week.

I have no projects at work and my manager is at some workshop for 3 days. I guess I can go to the gym when it’s not crowded.

Anyone know a good place to work a few hours? I work from home but getting tired of looking at my wall so a change of scenery would be nice, although I’m not sure I’m ready to pay for a coworking space.

I can help out. I’m moderating a few other communities here but they’re all small enough that they don’t require much of my time

I’m sorry. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been. Did you receive any juror support afterwards?