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Which is particularly dumb considering we could use it as an opportunity to showcase Australia and Indigenous culture

As I said before I believe your study was flawed in that it did not isolate the environmental effects (parents, community, wealth, etc.). I would expect environment to be a more significant factor. There haven’t really been many studies in this area. This is not a scientific debate, rather an ideological one.

If you can point to concrete empirical evidence that proves this, I would like to see it

You know full well that cannot be done in any circumstance for any argument based on science, this kind of reasoning is only valid in mathematics.

It’s been pretty quiet here lately, but I’ll keep you in mind. Otherwise, I may do a similar post over in the Australian News community soon if you’re interested in giving it a go.

It only shows a tendency towards being psychopathic. Still it’s not like we can’t get to these people early. It’s quite unfair and your position would be different if you were born with these traits. It should be noted, that that study did not test genetics in isolation with environment also being a factor.

I think what @Cypher@lemmy.world was getting at was that we need to help people, especially men, to prevent them from becoming “a psychopath beyond reform”. Simply put, addressing the upstream problem

I haven’t used it or seen much of it since I was in primary school. When I write I just print because its easier for everyone to read, including me

But what about the crimes that were actually leaked. Why is reporting wrongdoing punished more harshly (or at all) than actually committing the crime?

Decided to have a look at what it looks like from their perspective and as far as a kbin user is concerned I’m not even a moderator of this community and the comments are not distinguished.

Post as seen on Kbin

Kbin federation appears to be half-arsed at best, which is really disappointing on Kbin’s part.

And how much of these savings are they planning on passing on to the consumer?

There was an extremely racist and hurtful comment posted in response to this article. The comment was completely purged from the database due to some clients rendering the comment text verbatim and not that the comment was removed. There is no place for such commentary here and we do not want it to be associated with our community. As a consequence of the comment being removed the replies are no longer visible. Here is a screenshot of the replies for archival/reference purposes:

Please update the post title to match the article headline:

Police find no evidence of antisemitic ‘gas’ chant at pro-Palestinian Sydney protest

Since the article also mentions other anti-semetic phrases were employed:

When asked whether there was evidence of other antisemitic phrases being used at the rally, Lanyon said “certainly”.

“There is evidence of that, and those are offensive and completely unacceptable,” he said.

“But I think the major contention has been about the phrase that was chanted, and quite emphatically, our expert has said that it is ‘Where’s the Jews?’”

I will add this to the sidebar but it is best to stick with the original title as in this case. However, SBS may have changed it throughout the day. Thanks

Thanks for that, I might look into running your bot code for Dale instead of maintaining the mess I’ve got right now

It could be argued that that leaves out Indigenous Australians. What about the 21st of May to mark Indigenous Australians being given the right to enrol to vote.


That is, if we want a day that all Australians and can be proud of. Giving everyone a fair go.

For visitors from other instances there’s also a thread going on over in !rage@aussie.zone

I don’t get it first they’re saying that the majority of Australians celebrate Australia Day over on Sky but now they’re admitting maybe they were wrong on Sky?

Some extra context on that:

Despite not being recognised nationally the foundation of the colony of NSW had been celebrated much longer

Yeah I thought I’d just add that for completeness because that line from the poem confused me. Also important because there’s a lot of cookers on Facebook saying that Jan 26 is Australia Day because of the passing of a Citizenship act… in 1949

According to Wikipedia the 26th has been nationally recognised as Australia Day since 1946.

The Commonwealth and state governments agreed to unify the celebrations on 26 January as “Australia Day” in 1946,[45] although the public holiday was instead taken on the Monday closest to the anniversary.


There’s no point in having a day to unify the nation if the majority aren’t on board or if it obviously excludes some groups.

There are a few dates around that should be of greater national significance (i.e. major legislation or a historic sitting of parliament). A good one would’ve been the day that Australians overwhelming voted yes in a referendum to recognise the first peoples of Australia, healing the wounds of the past. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and won’t happen probably for another 30 years

It’s not as bad as it looks if you look into why he resigned from News

In December 2011, Williams was appointed CEO of News Limited (which became News Corp Australia in July 2013). He resigned in August 2013 amid reports that his management style had alienated many staff members and executives, including members of the Murdoch family


Didn’t know about that, really should’ve checked before I posted…

My only problem with the Golden Wattle is that it leaves out Hayfever sufferers like me. Maybe if it was accompanied by a golden Zyrtec

The bot doesn’t appear to be active here, but I agree, the choice of YouTube client is personal. I prefer to use NewPipe on my phone but that will only pick up YouTube.com links

Edit: I was wrong about NewPipe

I think you’ve missed the point here. Because they are lawyers and not everyone else are lawyers and not every lawyer would understand every bit of legislation inside out their complaints carry more weight than an ordinary citizen. I would argue a lawyer threatening legal action is somewhat similar to a soldier drawing a gun (not because of the danger but due to their training and experience in its use).

When I saw this article I thought “cry me a river” why not just pay people properly

Weekly Random Thread #1 - Welcome to 2024
I swear I'll fix the bot at some point

Moderator Applications
Lots of interesting discussions happen here covering a wide range of topics affecting daily life in Australia. While there haven't been many cases where we've had trouble with moderation, I'd like to offer the opportunity to anyone interested in helping to keep conversations on track. This would involve ensuring that the rules are followed and deciding how to deal with offenses on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to volunteer as a moderator please reply to this thread. Applications are currently closed and will be reopened when necessary.

Australia Community 2023 Year in Review
With the first year of this community coming to a close I've gathered some of our top posts throughout the year. Here's the top 10 posts: 1. [YouTube Premium family plan price update ($17.99/month -> $32.99/month!)](https://aussie.zone/post/3638154) (by [@trk@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/trk)) 2. [The lack of ads!](https://aussie.zone/post/273313) (by [@Gbagginsthe3rd@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/Gbagginsthe3rd)) 3. [Can we stop buying these stupid things? Thanks](https://aussie.zone/post/253817) (by [@R00bot@lemmy.blahaj.zone](https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/u/R00bot) 4. [Streaming costs are rising, and there are more platforms than ever to choose between. Some people are going back to piracy](https://aussie.zone/post/3874156) (by [@unionagainstdhmo@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/unionagainstdhmo)) 5. [ABC shuts down official Twitter accounts due to 'toxic interactions'](https://aussie.zone/post/988013) (by [@unionagainstdhmo@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/unionagainstdhmo)) 6. [The absolute state of housing in Australia at the minute - rent a caravan in a driveway in a semi-rural locality, only $200/week!](https://aussie.zone/post/1131364) (by [@trk@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/trk)) 7. [We won’t fix inflation while economists stay in denial about its causes](https://aussie.zone/post/1300110) (by [@Zagorath@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/Zagorath)) 8. [Gas lobby launches new scare campaign on electrification, saying it will break the grid](https://aussie.zone/post/814180) (by [@vividspecter@lemm.ee](https://lemm.ee/u/vividspecter)) 9. [Australia will not force adult websites to bring in age verification due to privacy and security concerns](https://aussie.zone/post/1603023) (by [@Mountaineer@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/Mountaineer)) 10. [Australia to prescribe MDMA and psilocybin for PTSD and depression in world first](https://aussie.zone/post/215947) (by [@Treevan@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/Treevan)) The Top 10 is really only indicative of what people on other instances (mostly non-Australian) liked, what were your favourite posts this year? What would you like to see more of? And What would you like to see less of? This year we also had the Voice to Parliament Referendum which lead to the creation of a Megathread and an annoying message from [@dalekerrigan@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/dalekerrigan) reminding us to use it. What did you think about how the community was run this year? What would you like us to do differently next year? Thanks for the wonderful year everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all in the years to come. Also a big thanks to the Aussie Zone admins for making this all possible. But most of all, thank you to everyone who posted, commented, upvoted and downvoted for being the life of this community

Weekly Random Thread #52
Really need to fix up the bot, last Weekly Random thread for the year, we're at the end of the first year with Aussie Zone and this community.

Weekly Random Thread #51 nearly there
Dale seems to think he's getting a break

cross-posted from: https://aussie.zone/post/5028069 > Meta threads will open federation to the fediverse soon, and while this is mainly to mastodon it will still affect lemmy. They are acting like they won't be evil, but let's be real this is Facebook when have they ever done that. > > This article which has been trending lately explains some of the issues. [https://ploum.net/2023-06-23-how-to-kill-decentralised-networks.html](https://ploum.net/2023-06-23-how-to-kill-decentralised-networks.html) > > This comment here is a simple analogy if you can't be bothered reading the article. [https://lemmy.ca/comment/5702922](https://lemmy.ca/comment/5702922) >

Discussion on Concerns over Auto tl;dr bot
Hello everyone , There have been concerns raised lately over issues with the Auto tl;dr bot which creates summaries of news articles from several known sites, however only really ABC news is applicable here. Relevant threads: - [Truck stowaway 'lucky to be alive' after travelling nearly 400km on metal racks beneath B-double](https://aussie.zone/comment/4482258) (no problem with summary - just discussion of concerns) - [Small modular nuclear reactor that was hailed by Coalition as future cancelled due to rising costs](https://aussie.zone/comment/4215499) (Australian Politics) There are also many other occurrences (I haven't been keeping track), if there are some you would like appended to this list comment with a link below. Most concerns are that the bot misses important information and/or gives a misleading summary. I'd like to see where people sit on the issue and how we could potentially deal with it. There are a few options I can think of: 1. Remove the bot (through a ban) 2. Get [@dalekerrigan@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/dalekerrigan) to comment a disclaimer underneath all of its comments 3. Get [@dalekerrigan@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/dalekerrigan) automatically delete all comments by the bot which have been reported (may open door for abuse) 4. Do nothing I don't hate the bot - it can be useful, and I like the concept, however, just like us it gets things wrong. Anyway feedback is welcome, if you have an opinion on this please comment below so I can judge where we all stand on this and try to make the right decision

Changed to title to the one used in the article since it is less click-bait-y. Useful article that goes through some of the misinformation about the voting process

Splitting off Environment, Politics and News
Aussie Zone has had communities for Environment, Politics and News for a while now, and while this is a general Australian community I would like to encourage people to post relevant content to those communities instead of this one. This will encourage the growth of those communities alongside this one. The communities I'm talking about are: [!environment@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/c/environment), [!australianpolitics@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/c/australianpolitics) and [!news@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/c/news). If you're not an Aussie Zone member, it's recommended to subscribe to these three communities to get the main "Australia" community. These communities are run under Aussie Zone rules so there should be no discrepancies in moderation. In the future I may bring in another bot to cross-post top posts from those communities onto this one as locked posts pointing to the relevant community, however that will be separate from [@dalekerrigan@aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/u/dalekerrigan) so you can block those messages. Otherwise on the [aussie.zone](https://aussie.zone/) front page everything should be easily visible. Please feel free to leave any feedback here. ### FAQ - What constitutes "news"? - News posts are links to news articles that are neither opinion nor discussion pieces. - Will this be enforced? - There will be no bans issued solely over this. Posts in the wrong place will just get a reminder to post in the correct community and locked if no-one has started a discussion under it.

Here's another attempt at scamming me. You would only do such a thing through myGov, not "rb.gy". Plus they wouldn't send you such a short text about it and the grammar would probably be correct

[FriendlyJordies] Video description: > The voice is a preview of what political discourse will look like from now on.

Referendum Q+A thread
With the referendum on next Saturday, we're opening up this thread for questions about the referendum itself. As I read in an ABC article this morning no-one under 42 has ever been able to vote in a referendum and the last one was ~24 years ago. This thread is not a place to discuss the alteration itself - that is handled by the older [Voice to Parliament Referendum Megathread](https://aussie.zone/post/1576151) which will remain open until after October 14. There you will find a wide range of opinions, and do remember these are **opinions** and **not** facts. Anyway this thread is here for anyone that's got questions about the referendum. And by extension anyone with answers