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The ads with Tom Gleisner spliced into the videos on HYBPA has been a pretty funny ongoing gag.

Shit’s fucked. Could be a scam too. Apparently common on Facebook at the moment people advertise a room or something like this and then when people start messaging they ask for the first week payment to secure it before everyone else.

So they get a dozen or so people’s $200.

I’m going to need some photos to be able to fairly judge…

It’s already everywhere. Places like Wollongong and Newcastle have the same housing issues as Sydney. Sometimes even worse. And even further out to places like in the Maitland and Cessnock council areas people can’t afford rent anymore. And every new vacancy has hundreds of people showing up.

In fact local people are suffering more as cashed up Sydneysiders are swooping in paying the “cheap” rents which are already double what they were pre covid.

I love regionally and I think we’re going to have intense bush fires. There is so much undergrowth which is already drying out.

Yeah every year I have to shop around for lowest connection cost. It goes up year on year. And it’s definitely because of people with solar panels. A way to make them pay regardless of use.

We use spokephone.com

I have no affiliation with them but it works great… You install their app on your phone and voila your employees have a business phone number to use. Can use the web gui or other soft phones as well.

I’m in a large regional town and it’s even more prolific here. The smoke during winter is horrible. But nothing will change while it’s cheaper for people to use wood than eg electricity.

Electricity is through the roof especially when used foe power hubgry applications such as heating. And around here people can get a full trailer load of wood for between $100 and $150.

And don’t even get me started on the state of proper home insulation in this country.

Unless there are economic incentives, this won’t change.

In these discussions I always hear people say it’s not just Australia, it’s the same elsewhere too. I’m traveling in the UK at the moment, and I thought it would be the same, since these betting companies for some bloody reason always have some english or irish accent for the voice over.

But no. I haven’t seen a single ad yet, and I’ve had the TV on in the hotel room almost non-stop. I’m pretty sure there are ads on the sports channels probably. But just watching some random TV shouldn’t bombard me with friggen ladbrokes yelling at me.

I’m in the USA next week, and will be interesting to see if they have any betting ads between their ads for opoids and guns. 🙃

I’m shocked! Shocked, let me tell you! Actually, not that shocked.

Also if it’s night time all you have to do is hit them with the extra spotlights on your 4wd lifted ute.

Okay, I’ve made the changes locally, but before I put up a PR, do you agree to these changes?

Exactly. Or allow the instance owners to specify large, medium or small, depending on whether or not they have the capacity and resources for more people.

Controversial idea: I think we should remove the “users per month” number on the instance list. It’s confusing to newbies and encourages people to join a “large” instance when the number doesn’t really correlate with actual server capacity.

Edit: And don’t display the ones with 1 or fewer users. They are obviously private single user ones. If someone wants to start a public one, they’ll be able to come get 2 or 3 others to join up and they’ll pop onto the list.

I’ve been tangentially involved in this. I think if any of the bigger instance operators were to contact derivator to see what can be done to host a gateway, that would really help.

Since it’s a proxy you’d want a reliable entity to host it, who you trust with your credentials. And the only entities who currently make sense would be the lemmy instance owners themselves. Eg. if I’m already connecting to beehaw.org or lemmy.world, I would be okay to point apollo or baconreader to redditapi.beehaw.org.

See here for a list of how people can help: https://github.com/derivator/tafkars/tree/main/tafkars-lemmy