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thin, large and sturdy?

Sounds like: garbage bags!

You’d have to buy them too.

I’ve a nylon bag that I found. Packs small, is strong and sturdy. Idk where you buy them though.


It will not be able to make a finding of criminality.[30] The NACC will have the power to investigate pork barrelling.[31][23] It will not have the power to sack parliamentarians.[32]

So another toothless tiger, newly born, pending it can bite.

Saving money is my guess. Running it is costing more than it makes. Company shuts it down.

Gfycat.com shuts down on September 1 and all Gifs will be taken down - gHacks Tech News
Gfycat.com shuts down on September 1 and all Gifs will be taken down - gHacks Tech News

approved psychiatrists.

How many of those will there be?

And how many chemists will hold stock? Who even sells it legally?

I’ve tried to like Mastodon, but each time I end up deleting my account in frustration, vowing never again. Mastodon is horrible to use, and they like it that way.

“Many of you may wonder how we have a search team that’s iterating and building all this new stuff and yet somehow, users are still not quite happy,” Raghavan reportedly said.

Their search has been getting worse and worse for a long time before the Reddit protest.

Specially as:

A warning was posted on the freezer, according to the court filing.


All the triumphant renewable growth headlines are giving people a false sense they renewables are replacing fossil fuels.

Yeah. There isn’t any good news on the topic. It does look grim. But, the sun’s out at the moment. Focus on now.

They are not powerless. They have their own choice. Stop going there!

The masterclass link is blocked for me “unreviewed content” with a use the official app message.

Took a long time following links to find:

In order for off.guard to work properly make sure to activate push-notifications for this website in chrome settings and click activate notifications below. Then off.guard will take care of the rest.

So it’s using net access to push info out.

I gave up finding more. Lots of marketing buzz words and little technical details.

This will be saving you typing in +reddit +stackspace on searches. Still the same results.

Wish they’d include a -pinterest option.

Walking beside the 6 lane road yesterday. Traffic was backed up as always. Seeing all cars, mostly with just the driver. I wondered if in the horse & cart days if people talked to each other as the traveled along on their horse. Or crossed paths. I bet they did.

Instead today, everyone isolated in their box.

Why aren’t these vehicles picked up with the yearly rego inspection?

I wonder how the fines where given out. Random police patrols, targeted campaigns or incidental to other offences.

Or upvote/downvote randomly, or, on a lot of stuff so the interest pool is huge. I’m upvote stuff I see just to participate and give the poster a “someone seen this post” feel good high.

Philippines produced mangoes all year round, unlike Australia which has a season that normally starts around September and ends by March.

Mangoes all year round then.

CBD, increasingly used by some to treat conditions including epilepsy, chronic pain and anxiety, is one of the main active compounds in cannabis, along with tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC – the substance that makes users feel high.

The compound’s effectiveness as a medical treatment is still under research.

Neto said chemical analysis had found “Trema” contains CBD but not THC, raising the possibility of an abundant new source of the former – one that would not face the legal and regulatory hurdles of cannabis, which continues to be outlawed in many places, including Brazil.

No chewing on it for highs then…

It’s the country’s first 330 kV Phase Shifting Transformer (PST), which controls the flow of active power on transmission networks.

It’s the first of five, with the remaining four to arrive between December this year and January 2024, along with two synchronous condensers and four shunt reactors to make one of the biggest substations in the southern hemisphere, says owner Transgrid.


My guess: It’s the kid dream: a flying car. But the reality, with regulations, bad drivers, limited landing points means it’s not seen as as money maker. More a rich persons toy. And few sales. Flying car = not a great car and a worse plane/helicopter.

I’ve also benefited from not being on Reddit so much. Back to RSS feeds and blogs. I’m liking the change.

That’s a thing about these laws. Fighting them isn’t as quick as passing them. I would hope it’s thrown out, but people will die in the meantime.

I wondered the same. Also in captivity, all their feed is dead animals. How good are they going to be at getting food when their prey is alive?

I have a chuckle everytime I pass Rhodes. People fishing. The apartments without the tasteful industrial machinery bits as monuments. I wonder if any of the people there know what the site was.

Not going to happen.

I’m in a squat. It’ll be demolished soon. The site clear felled and scraped to bare earth. Then another soulless cookie cutter box will be built and surrounded with a lawn desert.

I think your putting a lot on most understanding the nuance of moral vs acceptable.

Black and white thinking, lack of critical thinking and appeals to populism are the mainstay of current discourse.

The congregation providing a sanity check against crazy. Why social media bubbles are so bad.