In the three episodes prior to this one, *Primal* is pretty straightforward, and the anachronism of a caveman and a dinosaur is just sort of hanging there. This episode suggests that the story of Spear and Fang is not, perhaps, taking place in some inaccurate depiction of our planet's primal past, but somewhere darker and stranger; a time-lost wilderness, haunted by demons...

‘The Little Mermaid’ Swims Past Major Domestic Box Office Milestone
>As it enters its third weekend of release, Disney's The Little Mermaid is delivering bittersweet results at the box office. The live-action remake of the classic 1989 cartoon passed a significant milestone domestically but is continuing to struggle for breath in overseas markets. After 13 days in theaters worldwide, The Little Mermaid has grossed $201 million stateside, and another $140 million overseas, for a running global haul of $342 million. If all goes well, the movie will pass the $400 million mark over the weekend. Not bad numbers, considering all the drama with the film's release in Asia!