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>A bill to alter the constitution and enable the Indigenous voice has passed the federal parliament ahead of Australia’s first referendum in 24 years to be held later in 2023. >The Senate passed the bill on Monday 52 votes to 19, confirming the wording of the constitutional change to be put to the Australian people. The draft legislation passed the lower house last month.

I do get the huge benefit of in person working, especially relationship building. I’ve tried for years with remote work - it’s so, so much more of a slog.

But tell anyone that they have to sit in a crowded train or bus for 2 hours a day, just for them to be in a Zoom call for most of the day anyway, and you can see why people don’t want to come in for the sake of “the company paid for office space” or “relationship building”.

Companies need to be much, much more intentful with in-person.

OP’s from a extremist/transphobic instance. A bigot trying to frame this as a bad thing, but ironically it comes off as a celebration of a good decision from the Australian Sports Commission.

Agreed. Brunei in particular is really just a Middle Eastern country cosplaying as a SEA country.

Imagine having committed a crime and being so daft that the judge goes “you’re not evil, you’re just an idiot”, and makes you go through a psychiatric assessment because your judgment is questioned that much. Absolutely insane.

Great to see panels coming to commodity pricing - the challenge is still storage but optimistic that battery cell prices will follow suit as well

That’s an absolute shame. We love our Mickey Mouse Instant Pot we got for like $30 on clearance!

I disagree that the punching bag strategy is effective - even looking beyond the obvious example w/ knock-on effects Elon has done from Twitter -> Tesla, you’ve got Adam Neumann w/ WeWork, Travis Kalanick w/ Uber, etc. who’ve taken similar personality deflection strategies - it only caused more long-term harm than good for both medium-term operations and brand reputation.

It’s not a sustainable strategy and it’s pretty cringy to see it happen from an investor perspective.

Wrong? No. But leadership is about communication and diplomacy as much as strategy. Short term gameplay aside, it doesn’t take much effort to pretend to attempt to placate power users and it doesn’t cost anything besides pride to do so. At least Reddit had a half-decent communication strategy with the Boston Bomber debacle - can’t say the same with this one.

In any case, whilst you won’t get the r/funny’s of Reddit going private forever, you do have some big ones like r/iphone saying they’re blacking out indefinitely.

It’s pretty myopic of the leadership team to think that you shouldn’t at least attempt to make an user relations play here.

Those orange highlights look so good!

This S550 generation is pretty damn fantastic - the melding of the brand’s muscle pedigree with roadster design & handling, especially with introducing IRS, is such a winning combination in my book and created a new fan out of me.

I own a HPP Ecoboost convertible myself as it’s a much more tolerable daily driver for me, but I constantly rent out the V8s on trips; my last rental was a GT500 and that was a absolute crapload of fun. Would love to test out the Mach 1 sometime!

The Verge: Reddit CEO tells employees that subreddit blackout ‘will pass’

There’s a lot of noise with this one. Among the noisiest we’ve seen. Please know that our teams are on it, and like all blowups on Reddit, this one will pass as well. The most important things we can do right now are stay focused, adapt to challenges, and keep moving forward. We absolutely must ship what we said we would. The only long term solution is improving our product, and in the short term we have a few upcoming critical mod tool launches we need to nail.

That’s an absolutely tone deaf response from spez. The talking points are exactly what I expected and I’m not surprised, but man, whoever’s running PR at Reddit is really dropping the ball.

If they do IPO, anyone who buys into it wholeheartedly deserves the deep losses the company will incur long term - it seems no-one on Reddit’s leadership team, or anyone egging the company to float, understands what makes their own product tick.

Despite absolutely decimating our car industry, it seems like we’ve still got it with making half decent vehicles.

Yeah, don’t hold your breath for a Lemmy/kbin port of Apollo:

The amount of work it would take to port all the API endpoints over to Lemmy or Kbin or something, that would be a gargantuan amount of work that I’m not sure I have the capacity for. And then just the complexity of making it work. Long term, it’s a big question mark for me that, at this stage, I’m not sure I’m totally interested in pursuing. But it’s also one of those things where I completely wish it the best. And if something that was decentralized kind of became the norm, I think that would definitely be a win for everybody.

The writers have been hitting them out of the ballpark this season. The stories have always been great but they’ve really hit their stride.

And as an occasionally homesick Aussie, even though I wasn’t really into cricket growing up, this ep was a rush of childhood nostalgia!

“Busy” might be the wrong word - despite a couple of one-liner statements to news outlets, they haven’t released a single press release about the blackouts or even last week’s AMA PR disaster. The PR team’s got time whilst they twiddle their thumbs hoping this just blows over.

Did you want crippling claustrophobia? Because this is how you develop crippling claustrophobia.

Everyone needs to start the conversation with their loved ones as soon as they can to question anything that seems out of character. It doesn’t matter if they sound like or look like them - if anyone is asking for money or sensitive information, question it no matter what.

I know a lot of folks may feel like that’s an impossible task, especially with parents and older relatives, but it’s possible - I just recently had a conversation with my parents, and I was bracing myself for it to be an uphill battle, but they were switched on and got it. You’ve gotta at least try.

I try to have the best of both worlds - my home is primarily run on a Zigbee network from a Raspberry Pi with a Conbee, which is then linked up to Homebridge which talks to HomeKit (being in the Apple ecosystem).

This means I get the creature comforts of a consumer home cloud service like Apple Home, but I get to call all the shots - controls are all local, and if I wanted to get my home off the cloud, I can without any reprocussions.

It’s surprisingly very reliable as well - I haven’t had a single minor hiccup for more than 12 months, and even then, the last one just required a reboot of the Pi.

Oh stop! That house sounds gorgeous and you’re making us all jealous!

Between Manhattanites and the upstate weirdos… I’m not sure that’s an upgrade (jk :P)

Yeah, I get missing the place you had roots in; I moved to the States and thought bigger country = bigger opportunities to connect and grow, but it still doesn’t fully replace what you leave behind! But you do what you have to do, and you make the best of it, and ultimately you find make new ties to compliment the old ones :)

I’ve heard the flak you’re talking about with similar discourse here in FL - I’m sorry to hear you had to go through that to what I bet was already a tough decision and/or move. Unfortunately there’s so much judgment in what is already a marginalized community!! But I think everyone should do what feels right for them and what they can do in the current moment - I sincerely hope you are in a much better spot where you are now!

I’m actually staying put in this increasingly hostile state because I still think, maybe naively, hearts and minds can still be won over, and I’m not going to let the obnoxiously loud minority bully me out of the community I’ve implanted myself into that I now call home. There’s a sizeful amount of us out here doing so.

Granted, I’m speaking from a point of privilege where I have access to out of state inclusive medical care from my employer, and social & financial mobility if things got extremely messy - I totally understand if you need to escape and do what’s best for you, especially rights/medical wise. But I’m taking this privilege, staking my flag in the ground, and being out and proud & show that I’m not going to be deterred.

Even a change in atmosphere with communities from this would be substantial, though - even if there isn’t a day and night change with active users, if enough of the power users have left and discussions don’t really meet the “vibe check”, that’ll just naturally kill off user activity and it’s pretty much the same result

Thank you for sharing your story ❤️ I was in the same boat as you growing up, and I like to think by being able to show up in the world the best way you can in the present is the best way to honour those struggles and use it for good.

And look, it’s brought random strangers all around the world together - what can be more serendipitous than that?!

TBH, the UI of Lemmy is rouuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. I’m confident through attention with more ex-Redditors joining + through open source contributions, it’ll get better and better, stuff like this will be resolved (even with something as simple as a loading spinner)

edit: forgot to escape the character and Markdown took away the fun lol

There’s a little bit of a delay as well sometimes between the search results showing “no results” to showing the community - I think the server may take a couple of seconds to do a lookup start federation, and show the community as a valid result. Just a heads up.

Name change aside I really hope Logitech really doesn’t mess with the recipe. I remembering getting my Yeti more than 12 years ago and it punched above so much harder than its weight price wise - that’s what Blue was so good at and Logitech need to keep it that way.

‘The Little Mermaid’ Swims Past Major Domestic Box Office Milestone
>As it enters its third weekend of release, Disney's The Little Mermaid is delivering bittersweet results at the box office. The live-action remake of the classic 1989 cartoon passed a significant milestone domestically but is continuing to struggle for breath in overseas markets. After 13 days in theaters worldwide, The Little Mermaid has grossed $201 million stateside, and another $140 million overseas, for a running global haul of $342 million. If all goes well, the movie will pass the $400 million mark over the weekend. Not bad numbers, considering all the drama with the film's release in Asia!

I know all the contributors have a lot more bigger fish to fry this week, but I’d love to see this eventually implemented - this would be a huge quality of life feature that I think would really sell the platform to new users dipping their toes with Lemmy.

It’s not bad looking for the most part, but IBM Plex Mono already hits it on the nose; you’d have to rip that font out of my dead hands.

I didn’t even notice until you pointed them out… yeah, that’s pretty ugly!